I always had a keen interest in fitness/sports from a young age, with karate being my first love. Long story short, I unfortunately got a bad injury in my late teens that more or less ended them all on a competitive level. I spent the biggest majority of my 20’s and 30’s doing very little fitness wise bar an odd inconsistent trip to a gym here and there. All of a sudden I was turning 40.

Turning 40 was a big deal for me on so many levels, I firmly believed that I had now, definitely missed the boat on ever getting properly fit again. Too old now surely. Cue MVMT Fitness opening in Ballybofey. It was actually my wife who suggested to me and persuaded me to come and give it a go. I was hooked after the first week, loved it. 

My first impression was “oh no, I’ll never be able for this long term.” I just thought my body wouldn’t cope with all the different types of movement and training. Although I loved it, I thought I was probably too old now for this craic ! I was so wrong .

The thing about Kate as a person and coach is that she really takes time with everyone, access your goals, any niggling injuries to work around, fitness level and then guides you on how to gradually progress in a safe and structured way. The main focus of MVMT is ironically; movement and technique rather than let’s see how much you can lift, that comes eventually but the main focus is always on form which is the best way to be taught how to lift weights properly, avoiding unnecessary injury.

I’ll be turning 43 this year end and I’m in better shape now than when I was 23.

I’ll be turning 43 this year end and I’m in better shape now than when I was 23. That’s something I never thought possible but with the guidance of the coaches, anything is possible if you turn up, put in the work and truly trust the process, you are guaranteed results. 

My first bright spot was most definitely getting a firm grasp on how to kip for chin/chest over the bar. I spent a good few months swinging like a monkey lol. As always there was a coach always there to help with getting the technique right. That’s the thing about MVMT, the coaches are always there to help you and that means you will eventually get there as long as you put in the effort.

What I’m working on now is staying consistent on my attendance, increasing weight while still keeping technique. The past few months I have noticed a vast improvement in my fitness and strength because I’ve been doing exactly that – showing up and putting in the work and that is key for anyone not just me to develop and progress .

My favourite memory, that’s a hard one as there has been quite a few since I started. Apologies in advance but I have to name two. One was hitting a new deadlifting 1 RM. I always had a fear of deadlifts, having a dodgy knee and wrist but they have become stronger too through training. Next was definitely the CrossFit Open, I really enjoyed the whole experience and workouts. It was great for testing your fitness, mentally and physically

“everyone who makes the decision to walk in the door is a winner “

On MVMT itself, what a fantastic place ! The facility and equipment are second to none but most importantly is the community as a whole. We are a group of ordinary people just trying to be a better version of ourselves fitness wise, where egos don’t exist but encouragement excels and everyone who makes the decision to walk in the door is a winner.

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